Best Screen Recorders of 2020 ( Android)

Best Screen Recorders :- As we all know that in today’s modern world people need to have various gadgets with them, And Mobile phone is one of the prominent devices that can be seen with everyone these days, And thus today we will be telling you about Screen Recording, What it means and also let us learn about some of the best screen recorders that allow you to get the best features for your android device for Free of cost, So without any further ado lets get started :-

Best Screen Recorders
Best Screen Recorders

What is a Screen Recorder And Where is it used ?

A Screen recorder is an application or a software that allows the users to record the contents on the screen in a form of a video which can be later used for any purpose, Screen recording is quite common in day to day life usage where if you want to record any live telecast, Record your gameplay of a game, Record any other conversation or any other contents of your screen, Screen recording could be really beneficial in many terms and factors, And if you are into gaming or any other digital work then it surely also might be a necessity.

So today we are here with the 3 Best Screen Recorders that you shall download on your android and take use of to the fullest, So lets get started :-

3 Best Screen Recorders of 2020 for Android :-

1. AZ Screen Recorder – Video Recorder, Livestream.

At top of our list in Best Screen Recorders lies the AZ Screen Recorder – Video Recorder, Livestream, This application is an exceptional app and is hands down number one in our list, The main reason is that this app allows the users to do all the screen recording, But at the same time the users can also take the benefit of recording the camera and gameplay like a streamer and they can also live stream and share the contents directly from this app, it is a really alluring app that is flooded with features.

AZ Screen Recorder
AZ Screen Recorder

Everything that this app provides and gives is high quality and quite surreal as well, And thus we can clearly say that this app is hands down the number one app that any user can opt for if they are looking for a screen recorder app and a lot more, ,And also a Screen recorder app that they can attain for Free of cost.

2. Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder By Inshot

At number two is the Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder which is a free screen recorder brought to us by Inshot which is a photo and video editing application, This app is quite amazing and cool as well, mainly because there is no watermark in this app and at the same time you will not be facing any issue that will bother your recording time as the time limit is unlimited when it comes to this app, And aside from this the users do not have to root their device and they can easily attain all the amazing features of this app for totally free of cost,

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder
Screen Recorder & Video Recorder

And that is what makes this app amazing and a number 2 in our list of best screen recorders hands down.

3. Screen Recorder – No Ads By Kimcy929

At number 3 in our list we have the Screen Recorder – No Ads This app is at number 3 because the features of this app are quite decent and it is a good screen recorder, There are other apps available as well that could rank higher than this app but the thing that makes this app a must have is that there are no ads in this app and you will not be facing any issue while using this app, it has a very simple and easy to use user interface and that is what makes it special and a number 3 app on our list of the best screen recorders.


And these are the 3 apps and you can download them all for free as they are all available easily on the Google playstore with ease.

Let us now conclude in more brief about these apps :-

Conclusion on the Best Screen Recorders :-

As we could clearly see, These 3 were our picks for the best recorders that are available in the market, these 3 apps are good in their own ways and,

If you are looking for a screen recorder for gaming and streaming purpose then we must surely suggest you the AZ screen recorder as it has all that is needed for gaming.

If you are looking for a quality recorder with no limit of recording and no watermark then surely Inshot recorder is our pick because it is really exceptional and being made by Inshot the quality cannot be compromised and thus a good choice for normal users.

If you are a type of person that gets bothered by Ads and does not want any ads at all then The NO Ads screen recorder is the best choice that you can opt for.

Thus all the Best screen recorders are good and you can choose for yourself wisely.