Free Fire Game, The Amazing Wonderland of Battle Royale.

Free Fire Game:- If you are a big and hearty fan of Battle Royale games then this game is the perfect definition of a pearl to you. As first things first Free fire is a Game that is brought to you by Garena who are also the Hosts of amazing games such as league of legends as well as valorant.

Free Fire Game

So what really is Free Fire Game?

Free fire, Is a multiplayer online batte Royale game in which 50 People every game land on an island and find their basic resources such as guns, armors and equipment and fight to march their way to be the last one standing.

Free fire is brought to you by Garena Developers. and created by 111 dots studio, This game has been released to all the handheld device platforms such as android and ios.

The game has intense and amazing graphics with loads and loads of amazing features as well, so lets talk about them straight away:-

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Features of the Free Fire Game:-

  • Free to play for all:- So, we have talked about the basics of Free Fire Game but now we know that this game is also free to play, which makes it even better and more fun to the fact that you don’t have to pay a single penny to use this app.
  • Realistic and immersive graphics:- This game has some realistic and classy graphics that make the game look very real and lets the players get completely driven into it.
  • 50 people on one island:- The game is not very crowded as well as not very empty as according to the size of the game map, 50 people do just fine.
  • Time limited games :- As we all know sometimes battle royale games can be a little annoying as they might not end, but now you can easily enjoy this game which has time limited games as each game is of 10 minutes. thus fast and quick and interesting games than ever.
  • Superb and classy user interface:- This app has a high end user interface which for sure ensures the epic and ultimate User experience for the players who tend to play this rebel game.
  • Chat and use mic to communicate with people:- if you are playing squad mode, then you can use this setting to communicate with your fellow ally.
  • Customize your settings:- This is the great perk that you can actually change literally every sort of setting be it sensitivity or sound to graphics, you can change it all according to your favorable preferences in the Free Fire Game.
  • And much much more:- Free Fire Game also has a lot of other features which you can surely know of, after you install and play it.

User and additional Information on Free Fire Game:-

App DetailsUser information
Last date of update3 April 2020
Size of the game41 MB
Total installs on playstore500 Million +
Current version of the game1.47.0
Required android version for the game4.0.3 and upwards
Content rating of the game12 + Rated