The OnePlus Buds leak Bullets Wireless 2-like design

OnePlus Buds leak:- As we all know about One plus which is among the Leading Smartphone companies in the market, It is A Chinese Smartphone Company that is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The Company was Founded on 16th December 2013 And the CEO of the company is Pete Lau.
The Oneplus has recently been trending about their Ear Buds and it has been really rumored around and loads of leaks and specs have also been leaked out of these WiFi buds.

OnePlus Buds leak
OnePlus Buds

There also have been leaks of the Images of the new One plus buds as the OnePlus Buds leak in the market and many copies have also started in making, the buds look pretty simple and they look like a Bullet and will be released in a simple black case, And many people have had various questions regarding the OnePlus Buds leak and that are they similar to any other buds in the market and what not, And thus today we will answer all these questions to you :-

So, Are the OnePlus Buds Literally the same as the OnePlus Pods?

OnePlus Pods
OnePlus Pods

A New reading came to us that was regarding the OnePlus Buds leak that the Oneplus pods were spotted with the Oneplus 8’s Android 11 version that was the beta version by the XDA. And many leaks have suggested that the pods look like the Apple airpods and had a similar Design and the report which came along also noted that the Oneplus pods were in test build.

The company will surely release them in great sound quality but with a different approach as compared to the Oneplus pods and there will be a dedicated application as well where people can control the app and it will be available on the Google play store or even be limited to the Oxygen OS of the Oneplus.

The Rumors about the OnePlus Buds leak :-

OnePlus Buds leak
OnePlus Buds leak

It is rumored that the OnePlus Buds might be released along with the One plus Nord or oneplus Z phone, The new middle range epic Flagship grade phone from Oneplus suggests that the sale will be up on Amazon and both the phones are pretty hyped and so will be the Oneplus Buds, The buds are said to be affordable at price and will range lesser than the Apple Airpods. The Buds are surely going to be surreal in all aspects.

Some of the features and information regarding the buds has also been leaked in the market and they are as following :-

  • The Oneplus buds are said to have Active Noise cancellation in them.
  • The Buds will have a great user interface and will work smoothly with quick response rate.
  • A great bass will be there in the pods.
  • The buds will come in a triangular case with fast charging options.
  • The buds will be close to its competitors and it has been said the sound quality could even be better than the galaxy buds or Airpods.
  • And a lot of other things will be known once we hear the official release date for these buds.