Top 3 Picasa Alternatives and Similar Softwares.

Picasa Alternatives:- We all know about the Amazing Picasa Software Service which was discontinued in 2016, Picasa used to be one of the finest portal which was an image viewer, organizer and saver on the cloud. The app as well as the web version of Picasa was loved by Millions of people, The Picasa Platform was first launched in 2002 and the app was on Bloom ever since, And today we will be talking about some of the finest alternatives for Picasa that have similar software and which can be used to organize and save photos online for Free, And these are :-

Picasa Alternatives
Picasa Alternatives

3 Picasa Alternatives And Similar Softwares :-

1. Google Photos :-

In the Year 2016, Google Launched its Google Photos, as the Picasa Software was discontinued and even the existing customers and users of Picasa were suggested to Import to Google Photos, as this app has it all that there is and was in Picasa and it is the most closest and similar app to Picasa till date.

Google Photos
Google Photos

This app is Owned by Google and is Available on Every Single Android Smartphone with Google services, and it is loaded with bunch of amazing features in it. And people can easily upload photos here on this platform up to 16 MP and have a storage Value of about 15 GB as well, it is loaded with bunch of good features and a must have app for all people who love to preserve and save their memories in cloud form.

Perks of Using the Google Photos :-

  • It is Free to use .
  • It provides 15 GB of Free storage.
  • It is very convenient and easy to use.
  • You can edit the photos over here.
  • The data that you store over here is safe and secure.
  • You can archive photos over here.
  • Google’s AI system will create automatic albums for you, and more.

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2.Adobe Lightroom CC :-

Adobe is Known to have some of the finest products in the market, be it their Photoshop, Illustrator or animator and the Adobe Lightroom CC is a great Picasa Alternatives as it is Free to use, though there is a paid version, but it is the most preferred editing software by Professional Photographers. It is loaded with Bunch of amazing features And it has loads of amazing and stunning features to it, thus it comes at number 2 on our list.

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom

Perks of Using Adobe Lightroom CC :-

  • It is the best editing app for photos.
  • You can stamp the date on photos.
  • You can edit photos like professionals.
  • Save the edit layout and use it on other photo with one tap.
  • Camera works with Gps location.
  • And more.

3. Microsoft Photos :-

Microsoft Photos
Microsoft Photos

We all know Microsoft, And when it comes to their Photos app, this is also a great option as it is one of the finest Picasa Alternatives that you will find out there, It is a cloud photo saver, editor and the most important thing is that it has a very user friendly user interface. And next is that it has some of the greatest features.

Perks of using the Microsoft Photos :-

  • A great user interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Save photos online.
  • And more.