Which is better Unacademy or BYJU’s

Unacademy or BYJU’s:- In the modern times especially due to the Covid-19 that is going around, Online classes and online studies have become quite prominent and popular and people are emphasizing in portals where their children can easily study online and that too without any hassle. And thus many E learning platforms are also coming into the picture as there are many platforms especially in countries like India where education plays a very vital role in the development of the child’s mind and studies.

Unacademy or BYJU's
Unacademy or BYJU’s

Unacademy or BYJU’s And be it just studying on a normal basis or to crack an examination, There are apps that are available which provide courses to the students in a much vibrant and aesthetic ways, And thus comes the two most prominent apps of this country that are extremely popular among the youth and these apps are the Byju’s and the Unacdemy and the users keep having their doubts that which app is better which one they must choose, So let us compare these apps one by one and understand about them as well :-

The Byju’s App :-

The Byju’s app is a prominent Bangalore based E-learning Platform that was launched by Byju Raveendran, This platform is quite amazing and it has now been marked as the most valued educational Tech company and it values around 5.4 Billion US dollars. This platform mainly focuses on school learning along with that there are also courses which may help the students in learning and giving mock tests and a lot more, This application is a great companion that a student needs in order to boost up their morale and study in a great manner as well. This application is quite surreal as we must say.

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Byju's App
Byju’s App

But the down side is that there are very few free courses and for any particular course you would have to subscribe to their subscription as well.

Let us now talk about the Unacademy platform and learn more about it :-

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About Unacademy :-

The Unacademy is another ED tech company that is based in India, This company was founded in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, This application and the platform provides the users with unlimited free content and most of its content is accessible without any subscription, They have various courses for students who want to pursue higher secondary exams be it Boards, IIT, NEET, JEE advance, IAS or any other studies, It is a great platform for students who are willing to look for a platform for all round studies and are willing to go for something that will save them a lot of time and money,


Both of these platforms are available on the Google playstore and are easily available on the Web platform as well, They are easy to access with the help of google account as well, here are some points that will help and allow you to decide for yourself that which platform suits best to you :-

Differences between Both apps to Decide between Unacademy or BYJU’s :-

This platform contains most of its data in a free format where users do not have to pay for the material.Most of the content on this platform comes in a paid format.
Here the content is Free but the quality is decent.High quality content that is well versed for great studies.
The content over here is focused and oriented on much higher studies.The content on this app is focused on both higher studies as well as primary studies.
Has over 10 Million active users.Has over 50 Million active users.

Last words and the Verdict between both the apps :-

In simple words if it were to define and distinguish between Unacademy or BYJU’s it is a very tough choice, As both of these apps and their platforms are literally very different and both have different approaches towards studies as well, Thus all that we can say in simple words is that, If money is not a benefactor in middle then you must surely go for the Byju’s as in comparison to Unacademy or BYJU’s – The Byju’s platform gives a lot of quality and aesthetic based content, This type of content helps the users to have a good experience in the long run.

Where as on the other hand if paying a sum of fees to attain the benefits is a troublesome thing for you, Then you can simply choose for Unacademy as when it comes to Unacademy or BYJU’s we all know Byju’s will surely serve you quality content, But even Unacademy doesn’t have any bad content and all that it serves is good quality content that is made for higher educational students that are above 10th Grade, And this app also is loaded with good features that will allow you to have a good time while studying without having to spend some extra bucks as well.